Organized in 1965, the purpose of the Vermont Society of Association Executives is to provide a statewide medium for the exchange of experience and opinions through discussion and study of the following aspects and functions of the organizations:

  • The proper objectives, functions and activities of organizations;
  • The basic principles of organization structure;
  • The legal aspects of organization activity;
  • Policies relating to organization management;
  • Efficient methods, procedures and techniques of organization management;
  • The responsibilities and professional standards of organization executives

VSAE offers roundtable discussions, workshops, social events, and other opportunities to network with other association management professionals.

VSAE Executive Officers
Erin Sigrist, President
Stephanie Winters, Vice-President
Marilyn Miller, Secretary
Matt Cota, Treasurer

Executive Officers are elected by the members during December VSAE Member Meeting. 

VSAE Past Presidents

2014-2018 Matt Cota
2012-2014 R. Tasha Wallis
2009-2012 Marilyn B. Miller
2008-2009 Peter Cobb
2007 John Castaldo
2000-2002 Robert M. Paolini, Esq.
1999-2000 Peter Cobb
1996-98 Kevin Dorn
1994-96 James F. Harrison
1992-94 Joseph L. Choquette, III
1990-92 Norman James
1989-90 Norman Wright
1987-89 Phyllis A. Andrews
1986-87 Peter F. Taylor
1984-86 Richard J. Collins
1983-84 Kathleen Scheele
1981-83 Robert Vautier
1979-81 Karen Kent Robinson
1977-79 William Keogh
1976-77 Florence Robillard
1975-76 Thomas Kinley
1974-75 Milton Lyndes
1973-74 Frederick N. Cook
1972-73 Chris Barbieri
1970-72 C. John Holmes
1969-70 Berkeley V. Bennett/Garnett Harvey
1966-67 Robert Garside
1964-66 Donald Rowan